May 19, 2014

Good Bye FIT, Hello Summer - My Bad Experience

Hello Friends,

Today is the last day of classes and I'm more then ready for summer. I had a very stressful freshman year that I am not proud of. This school doesn't fit my personality and you may ask how and I'll explain in the next few paragraphs.

FIT is a great school but in my opinion the people, teachers, and atmosphere just ...
Sucks. Sorry but I have no other way of putting it but I just felt like I didn't fit with whole make up of the school. When I first got there we had some ice breakers where we told a little about ourselves so it could be a judgement free zone. On the contrary it was nothing but judgement afterwards, I just felt like everyone thinks there poop doesn't stink and they think they're better than everybody else because of the school they go to. Not everyone is like that but almost everyone is like that at the school - and I didn't make a mistake repeating myself just to put that out there lol - or in my opinion came off that way. The worst part is people acted like we were in high school still; with the whole clique thing and it was hard to makes friends. Not only that but me - who likes to explore - my other colleagues who lived on campus didn't want to live the 27th block.

People who conformed themselves into cliques did so because they knew someone who introduced them to the group or they knew each other before. 10 times out of 9 they knew each other before they went to the school and there's nothing wrong with that but go out and meet new people, isn't that what college is about? I know this because this happened to me, I befriended a person - we'll call them... Steve - and he was really sweet at first and he introduced me to some of his friends but when I would leave I noticed that he would talk about me to his friends. They were not nice words and I soon began to realize that he started to act phony around me, every time I would come around and he was around his friends they would leave like I had a contagious disease or something. I met other at but I started to realized that I was doing more and more things by myself, which is nothing wrong with that but seeing everyone in their group of friends I became lonely.

The teachers on the other hand were a different story, some of them were amazing but some of them weren't. One class I had a really hard time in and the teacher came up to me and said, "What is your problem? I'm not sure you have something going on or maybe your not studying enough but you need help. Your literally the only person who's not doing well" and this completely made me sad and upset and just feel really low about myself. Other teachers were nice to help me but would tell me to contact my classmates for study groups or even go to tutoring, I don't do well in study groups with classmates so I went to tutoring. When I got there, the person wasn't even a student and more like an old man and when we discussing the material for the class he told me and I quote, "If you read the material, you should understand it." I looked at this man with barely any hair on his head and white stubble on his chine as if he was not sane, what does he think I've been doing this whole before I came here?!

With all of this going on, my stress was an ultimate high! I had to find an outlet so I began to go to a free yoga class and take trips on feet by myself. I never knew you could have so much fun even when no one is around, I've learned that I've become very independent since I've came here and that's the one thing that I can thank FIT for.

Now FIT is ... a good school but I think I'm better off using my expertise somewhere else and you may ask where and my answer to that is writing. I recently got into writing, screenplays, articles, and anything that involves my words, I find a lot of joy in writing down my thoughts and organizing them which is why I have my blog but now that the stress of school is over, I can give my undivided attention reporting to you guys my every move. As you may know, I live in New York and this will be the first summer that I will staying out here so I am pretty excited, until next time ❤️

With Love and Sweetness,

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