September 23, 2015

New York Life Lesson: New Apartment

Hello Sweet Peas,

I know I've been gone for a while and I know you've noticed how I took somethings out. That's only because I felt like my blog was too complicated before. I had waaayyyy, too much going on so I had to cut back, I noticed by the views that you guys weren't really into it so I needed change. Not only did I needed a change on my blog but I got a new place. I'm so excited to be in my own place where I can walk around naked and go to the fridge and get water any time of night I want. Now I know I said I had a place before but I really was subletting and, long story short, I had to move out because some "funny business" was going on. I still live fairly close to my old place, exactly 13 minutes away which is awesome because I'm still close to my job and school that I start pretty soon. Although, I have to start taking

the bus which is more money out of my pocket, I like that I don't have to walk anymore -- especially now since it's starting to get cold. My birthday just past so I'm officially legal now, which kind of sucks because I'm broke too. So it's somewhat a win lose, I have my own place and can legally buy alcohol plus get into clubs but... I have no money.

A little more personal about myself is that people suck, I've started to realize who my real friends are and how fake people really are. I know none of my friends live close so I can't even complain but living in New York, which is very fast pace, makes you very self centered. I find it hard for me because its hard to find people who have other interests other than smoking and drinking. I'm friendly, love to laugh, I have natural hair, plus I'm an extremely great listener what better qualities do you need in a friend like me? Instead of all these dating websites, they should make a best friend's page where you write a resume and see who has your same interests and hobbies as you and then the website would match a great meet up spot where you'll be granted to hit off. That would actually be a great website, I know there are great female friends out there but in a sea full of hoes, thots -- by the way I hate the word thot -- and back stabbing girls, it's hard to find good quality people these days. So if your a female and don't say bitch after every word then hit me by email! lol (I'm like low key pimping for friends... how sad lol) I'm just really fortunate to have my boyfriend as my best friend, his my go to guy when it comes to hanging out.

Also, I got a new job. I'm still doing the same thing but now I just get paid more which is a big plus. I had to quit my old job, getting paid $6,000 annually and coming home with leg pains, being extremely unhappy I had to find something different. I wish I could tell you some pros about my last job but there really wasn't any. I'm going to try and write more but I'm in the process of writing a movie. I'm not even close to being done and especially now since I'm having hair problems its killed my whole mood to do anything. I just hope I don't have anywhere to go later, *shake my head*. Until next time ❤ 

With Love & Sweetness,

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Kreamy Kurls said...

Hey Lana! I can relate on the friendship thing going through that right now. But keep your head up love. That website sounds awesome; would be soo cool.. as long as you don't get catfished or something LOL