November 27, 2015

Life Lesson: Happy Thanksgiving, Don't Party Too Hard Baby!


Hello World!

Happy late Thanksgiving! Did you have a lot of fun with family and friends, eat a lot of food, play games or eat a lot of food?! I know I did, I had a Haitian and Jamaican Thanksgiving. The food was amazing and the games were ten times the fun because their were more people to play with -- I won four times last night which made my night awesome. Last year, my boyfriend and I were with my family and this year we went with his.

The first house
we went to was a Haitian house and the food was! We had rice, turkey, mac n cheese, and some other stuff that I don't remember because I was tipsy lol. All I know is that, the food was banging and long over due when I ate it, I never understood why cooking takes so long to cook. I mean it makes the meal better because you've literally been waiting for it all day but gosh, it took so long my stomach started to eat itself a little. It was a lot of fun, the football game was on -- although, my team wasn't playing I still enjoyed the other teams. The grown ups and I were sippin on adult juice, it was relaxed and we were chilling. The next house was turnt though! There was babies and older folks and we ended getting into a really serious game of uno and then another game of B.S.

I had a lot of fun on Thanksgiving and I have a lot of food to last me three days lol! I have to end this blog post a little early, that food is calling my name right now, until next time 

With Love & Sweetness,

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