December 04, 2015

Relationship Life Lesson: Don't Let Stupid Boys Control You

So, I indirectly know this girl, and I feel the need to share her story just in case someone else is going through the same situation. Before my current relationship,  I knew nothing about boys, neither did I know the games they play. I promise this is not made up, this is actually factual.

(Because of the privacy law on my page, I will, under no circumstances release her personal info)

Miss. Unknown: "I've been with this mystery guy for about three years, on and off. We met at a party, when we saw each other across the room. He walked up to me while a slow jam, they don't know by Jon B. was playing when he asked me for a dance. He was cute, about 6'2" medium brown with really nice waves I just couldn't resist saying yes. While dancing we were talking and found out that we had a lot in common. I gave
him my number, he would call here and there but I wanted more. He took me out on a date, in the city and I was so happy. We saw a movie and ate right after, I didn't want the night to end, so we went back to my place and had some late night coffee. While us trying to get to know each other, the boy told me that he use to be married but they never got a chance to have children together, so I asked him if he ever wanted to have kids -- I mean he was about early to mid thirties. He said he never thought about it, but if the time was right, he guess he'd be happy. I understood and wasn't bothered too much by the fact, so we hung out in my house and... you know the rest.
More and I fell in love with this guy, even though I noticed that he wasn't taking me out as much anymore, I still loved the time we spent together. Six months has went by and we got into a routine; he would text me to come over, we would hang out and the next morning he put on his clothes and leave. At first, I was a little shock because he left without notice, no letter on my pillow, no text saying sorry, and I thought he might have been sweet and cooked something, but nope he just got up and left. A few weeks went by and I realized that I wasn't hearing from him as much any more. I called, I text him, and nothing. Our one year anniversary passed and he managed to text me, but that was only to come back last at night, just to leave the next morning. Then one day, a few months past by and I thought to myself, "Dang, I hadn't heard from this guy in almost three months!" I've been so busy that I didn't even realize that it'd been so long. So while on break at work, I dialed his phone and, no answer, "Maybe his really busy himself," I said quietly to myself. For almost two weeks I tried to contact him and nothing, no reply to anything. Then one day, after almost not hearing from him for four months, he pops up at my front door. For three years, this has been my relationship. Him cheating on me never came across my mind so I know it couldn't be that, I'm not too sure what it is but I love him so much that I know he'll change his ways. With God on my side, I know we'll be just okay."

This girl is stupid! I don't want to be too harsh but I don't care, this guy is playing this girl like a fool! I can't blame this girl too much because she doesn't know too much about relations but rule number one, don't have sex on the first date, if you do, don't expect that guy to stay around. If you want a guy that's going to treat you right, with the respect and love that you deserve you need to ask questions. Where are you from, where's are your parents from, what are your goals in life, what are you doing tomorrow? Women and girls now a days think it's okay to have casual sex, it is, indeed okay, if you're not planning on being in a relationship. Men are more weak minded than women, so if you tell him that you've had ten partners and your only nineteen, don't be surprised if that boy doesn't call you back after the first date. On the other hand, I'm not saying that that the guy isn't wrong either, his priorities need to get in line, his scum for leading this girl on and even more trash that he thinks he can come and go as he please. Too many girls these days just let these fake men play them into thinking that there in love, you need to step outside of yourself (figuratively) and analysis every situation your in.

She should've never given him a chance when he said that he use to be married, I'm not saying that all men cheat but usually when someone has dealt with a person for more than two years, it's hard to let them go. I've seen too many people who told someone that they were dating, that they use to be involved with their child's mother or father, or divorcee in this case, tell them that they're not in love with them and end up right back with them. You just have to know the type of person your dealing with when it comes to dating. Talk to them, get to know them first, before you become intimate and call them your boyfriend and then wonder why their crazy or their never there for you.

I don't want to talk for all men because you could do everything right and he still may go out and do what he pleases but, it's just a matter of getting to know the person first, and in this situation, she didn't know what type of person she was dealing with. Do you have any advice for this girl? What could she have done differently or what would you tell the man if you had a chance to talk to him? Comment below and tell me your thoughts, until next time ❤

With Love & Sweetness,

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