January 08, 2016

Life Lesson: My Landlord Has Dementia

Hello Friends,

As you know, I just moved into my very own place with my beloved boyfriend. We just recently moved in September, and its horrible. You know that saying, "My landlord is crazy," or "I don't like dealing with my landlord because they never x, y, z," well my landlord has dementia.

My boyfriend and I were endlessly looking for a new place, we needed to get our own space because our roommate -- who was an elderly over obsessed, clean freak that complained about everything, especially, on how long I took a shower because I made the bathroom too "steamy" -- was getting on our damn nerves and we couldn't take it anymore. So for six months straight, we looked at apartment after, apartment, after apartment. The one thing, among many things, that's annoying about NYC apartments are the requirements, "You need 700 or better in credit and make at least $44,000 annually. And if you want to have a
guarantor they need to have their shit together twice as much as you do." Dude, I'm only twenty-one and ain't nobody got time for that.

We got discouraged often and was extremely stressed out because so much was happening at once; the deadline to move and coming up with the money. One day on our day off, my real estate agent called and said that she had a one bedroom available, all utilities included, and plus it was in a private building. My boyfriend and I weren't really excited because we had seen so many places already that, we weren't trying to get our hopes up. The next day we stopped by the house and it was very decent, I mean some things needed to be fixed but for the most part it was a nice starter apartment. After our visit, we contacted our real estate agent and told her that the apartment was a keeper, she told us to come back to her office and we signed the paper the next day. Our landlord was so sweet when we first met her, she had a creole accent and was of the elderly type, she told me that she doesn't like to bother anyone and was very cool to talk to.

We moved in as quickly as possible and it was nice, the location was amazing and we felt at peace... and then, the bullshit started happening. The first day before we moved in, we cleaned and I mean we cleaned this place down until it was spotless! Right when we were close to finishing, we hear a knock on the door, *bang, bang, bang*, "Who is it?" My boyfriend said walking to the door. "Its me, the landlord", so my boyfriend walks to the door and opens it and she continues, "I have a question, who sent you because I never received the deposit money. I only received the first months rent." 

"We used (insert name here), did you try calling her?" My boyfriend said.

"Can you call her, I don't have her number." She said confused, we call the real estate agent and she walks to the house -- her company is down the block from our new home. 
"Yes, what seems to be the problem?" The real estate agent seemed to be a little upset.

"I didn't received the deposit money..."

"Yes you did! I sat there and counted it with you three times before I gave it to you, and you sign a receipt!" The real estate agent was annoyed but we didn't know what was going on, so the landlord went outside and came back and her whole tone had changed, she started apologizing and said that she had split the money and set it somewhere else. We all looked at each other as if to ask what just happened, we all just proceeded what we were doing.

The month of September was cool, she did ask us a couple times where the deposit money was but we just reminded her what happened and she would leave us alone. October came around and just when we thought everything was settled she came to us again,

"Ah, hello? Yes, your wife only give me $800 for the rent money"

"Are you kidding me right now? You've got to be joking, I'm coming to see you right now." My boyfriend said as fire came out of his ears.
"No, no, it's okay. Don't worry about it."

"Nah, we got and issue now, don't come at me and then try to take it back. We're going to talk face to face." He took off his house slippers, put on some boots and his jacket, walked outside and knocked on her door -- word of advice, don't live in the same building as your landlord... unless you live in a building. She answered and they had a little argument -- not really though, he was just talking to her -- and she apologized. November rolled around and everything was good, until the middle of the month, she knocked on our door and asked us if we were moving out. "No, we're not moving out... why?" I said confused.

"Where is my rent money?" she said slightly angry

"We paid you already... you don't remember?"

"No you didn't, you did not pay me."

David Castillo Dominici
"Do you know what today is?" I said baffled, I wasn't sure if this lady was playing a joke on me or what but, I wasn't laughing. "No I don't know."

"Do you know what year it is?"

"No I don't know," She said confused. I was so exhausted at this point I just told her, like I told her before that we paid her already. This lady continuously, will knock on our door and ask about the rent money. In the early weeks of December, around the 10th or 15th she would wish us a happy new year and then proceed to ask I'm the same breath, where the rent money was. When going back to the real estate agent and telling her our situation she told us that cheap apartments are no longer. One bedroom apartments are either $1,300 to $1,400 now, even studio apartments are $1,200. For a piece of box... is $1,200?! I'm so over this whole situation and I have no idea what we're going to to do. I'm just hoping we find another apartment with everything included, in a great location, and big enough for the both of us. What would you do in this situation? Would you have been so nice to my landlord? Comment below and tell me what you think, until next time ❤

With Love & Sweetness,

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