February 26, 2016

Life Lesson - Try Not Living With A Criminal

Hello friends,

I've realized that in these past few posts, I like to revisit my past even though it was only... a year or two away. This post is about college and my roommate and the time she got arrested. Haha, no I'm lying but the way she was moving, I'm surprised no one has caught her yet.

When I moved into my dorm no one else moved in with me. I thought that my roommate would've been a freshman like me,
I mean the only thing I knew about her was her name. Two weeks into being on campus, I'm laying in bed and I hear a key go in the door, "Who the hell..." and before I could finish my sentence this blond hair, brown eyed, somewhat shorter than me, late thirties white women walks in. I thought to myself, this could not be my roommate but just in time a younger version of the first lady walks in. She looked old and talked like she was somewhat from the valley, but merely just from upstate New York, she walked in with all this stuff and her father following in toe, I already knew she was interesting by what she was carrying in -- we weren't allowed to have microwaves, Keurig, or anything that pulled a lot of energy, she on the other had, had one of everything.

Once she brought everything in, her parents helped her moved and less than two hours she was already moved and her parents left. "I'm so happy that there finally gone, Hi I'm E," she said as she extended her hand out, I shortly replied with my name back. I knew this girl was different, what was different about her... I have no idea but I knew this would be an interesting semester. One week had pass when she started opening up to me -- the thing about me is I love to listen to people, I'm so good at listening that I should probably have my own blog lol good thing this is anonymous. Anyways, we became cool but not cool enough to hang out and I wasn't mad about it because that girl could talk your ear off. As soon as the words, "Oh really, why?" Left my mouth I regretted, she was really sweet but had a really bad habit of taking things.

"I lied to you," She said as she pulled up a chair to sit down.

"About?..." I was already annoyed from the homework I had to do, I really didn't care what she was doing.

"About my job, remember when I said they accused me of not working and I said I was there? Well I wasn't," As soon as the words left her mouth she looked down in guilt. "I wasn't there, but how did they know. My plan was fool proof." I let her words linger in the air, as if I didn't care, because I didn't. As she sigh, I reluctantly asked what happened and she explained.

"I have a problem, I know I shouldn't take things but I do. Not like regular things, like money, one time my old job just had money laying right on the desk, I knew I shouldn't have taken it but I did! They said they had caught me on camera but I checked, I wasn't, there was not a single camera there. Plus I would take twenty dollar bills here and there. They tried to say I took over $20,000 but I knew it wasn't that much." I hadn't said a word since she's been talking, I had no idea why she was telling me all of this, but I continued to listen.


"I got caught doing almost the same thing again. I have no idea how my new job caught me this time. I mean clocking into work and not actually being there isn't a crime. Anyways, thanks for listening to me." She put her jacket on and walked out the door, I was shocked and made sure I kept my purse close to me at all times.

The past few weeks, she would come home with expensive clothes, put it in her closet with the wrapper still on it, a few days later take those same clothes out and come back home with money. She use to do some sketchy stuff and I would watch how she moved, she was like a cat, swift but fast.
One night, she went in her drawer and pulled out a stack of cards. She spent a little while choosing a card and then she set the card on her desk got ready and left. I was super scared because I've never seen so many cards before, so I decided to do some investigating, I made sure to lock the door and was quiet while going through her things. When I opened the drawer and saw a bunch of plain cards with a strip across the back like a fake debit card, I panicked. It was sad because she was so sweet and had so much potential, but you can't help everyone. I kept my distance from her but this story will always stay with me, so make sure you know what people are around you, until next time ❤

With Love & Sweetness,

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