April 25, 2015

Book Recommendation -- Ni-Ni Simon Series

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These series of books are the first books that actually got me to like reading. The first book starts off in high school and continues in college which I thought was perfect because I was in my junior year and could relate. Even though the first story is pretty extreme it gives you an aspect on relationships and how you need to be careful who you fall in love with. Although, all three books are about teenage love you
could learn a lot about the wrong types of relationships.

Story Summary

Teenage Love Affair - The main character is Zsa-Zsa who is a junior in high school and everything is going well - she has a car and loves her boyfriend very much. Until one day her childhood crush, Malachi, comes back into town and all her old feelings for him come back. Her boyfriend, Ameen, starts to notice that he might loose her and instead talking about it he abuses her - mentally and physically. Malachi is the perfect match for her; charming, fit, carefree, and gentleman like demeanor draws her to him but being household of abuse she can't leave Ameen. What should she do, start something new with Malachi or try and fix what she has with Ameen?
Upgrade U - Is based off of, Teenage Love Affair, and I think Seven - who is the main character in the story - is mentioned as Zsa-Zsa twin sister. Seven is a freshman in college and dorms with her best friend and their other roommate, Khya. They all love to party and have fun on campus and although Seven is in a relationship it surely doesn't feel like it. Her boyfriend, Josiah, is a star baseball player and gets all the attention at school - especially from females. When Josiah starts to enjoy himself in the company of other females he's pushing Seven into the arms of another boy named, Zaire. Once things start to go south in her relationship with Josiah, she finds comfort in Zaire, does Josiah care that she moves on or does he completely just ignore the fact?
True Story - Now that Seven is a sophomore in college and her relationship with Zaire is blissful - at first - things start to go south and her ex, Josiah, tries to come back in the picture. This story really did make me upset from what I can remember, Zaire is a hard working man trying to get out of the hood and Seven starts to get bored with the relationship because it's too conformed. While she can't speak up and discuss the issues in her relationship Josiah notices this and tries to manipulate her into getting back with him. The beginning of the story is good but everyone that read the book feels the same way I do, it wasn't good at all. What does Seven do stay with Zaire who treats her like she needs to be or go back to Josiah who was never good for her?

My favorite book was Teenage Love Affair and Upgrade U, I loved how the author used the same characters but focused on each one in her many books. She has other books which I've read such as Shawty Like Mine and If I Was Ur Girl - just to name a few - are all great stories and are great starters for young adults. I hope you guys love these book reviews, I definitely do love to talk about books so until next time ❤️

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