April 04, 2015

Book Recommendations - Love, Lies, Scandal

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This book, Love, Lies, Scandal by Earl Sewell, not alone goes with my blog but is a great book on your down time! The book starts off about a successful women who has it all from her own network show to being married to a congress man, until within a blink of an eye she loose it all.

Storyline: Angela is a success women
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with her own network that's called, Love, Lies, Scandal -- hints the name of the book. Her whole job is to give people relationship advice because of her successful relationship with her husband, Will. Well little does she know that his having an affair with a girl who's nearly half his age -- and let me tell you this guy is a creep, I'm talking about 50 Shades of Grey creepy. Angela notices that his been taking "business trips out of town" for a few weeks at a time until, one day her whole world is crashing down which causes her to possibly loose her job and marriage.

I love how this book is written because each chapter is from a different persons' perspective, there's four characters in this book and the main character is Angela. My favorite thing that the author did was he wrote the same events in each chapter but you got different stories from each person who was involved. Like I said in my other post, "I do not condole cheating," but in this case the character gets exactly what he deserves -- so I'll let it pass, but only this time. The author does a great job for teaching people the meaning of karma, so read it so we can discuss! Until next time ❤️

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