October 30, 2015

Life Lesson: I'm Allergic To YOU!

Dear Friends,

October has been a shitty month for me. I've been to the hospital more than ever in my whole life time, I had a really bad allergic reaction, I can't go to school, and I have to find a new job.

First things first, let's start out with the allergic reaction. For some of you who don't know, I love animals especially dogs and have been working with them for a little over a year now.
My old job was a dog walker and although I loved the amount of time with the dogs, it was just too damn tiring. Just my luck, I was able to land a job as a dog trainer at a pet store and I've never been so happy. I'm getting paid more than I've ever, I still get to be around dogs, and I get paid more! I loved my new job; I liked the workers, the customers were cool, and I saw a lot of new breeds I never knew before and I was making bank! Life was, easy, until October 1.

I had went to the dermatologist and got prescribed some lotions to put on my body, the following week I got scratched by a boxer who then nibbled on the open cut, before I could get her off of me. The third week of October, I'm in a room of eleven dogs and another boxer that loves to rest his head on me. There was some huskies in the room and, I noticed my neck was itching. At first I didn't pay it no mind, then my stomach started to itch, under my arms and when I looked I had huge hives on my body. I quickly told my manager if I could go home and hopped in the first cab available. While in the back of the cab, everything slowed down, my eyes started to close and I became very worried. So I rushed to CVS a few blocks away from my job, got a benadryl and popped some in my mouth before paying for it, and once home I took a nap.

Sura Nualpradid
When I woke up from my nap, I had more hives than when I first fell asleep. While on the way to the hospital -- and at this point my throat was closing -- the car broke down. Luckily I had enough money on me to get another cab. The doctors and nurses were so nice to me while hooking me up to some IVs, which I soon fell asleep after a little while. After the first day in the hospital, I went back another time until the hives went away completely. I was so scared and am still scared because I have no idea what cause me to react that way. My allergist thinks that my body was just overloaded with the past few events and my body  just shut down, I feel so disappointed because this job was good to get comfortable at until I found something else. So now I'm just waiting for the results to see if I'm allergic to dogs.

Second, the school situation. I applied to two schools, one in my town and one online. I applied to the one in my town and sent them all my documents so I could start the semester in the fall, I got a call saying that they didn't receive my documents so I sent them again. Trying to contact the school to find out if they received them, which they didn't, it was already in session. To make matters worse, the school already received the documents after they had just told me they didn't, and that I could've started the semester in the fall. School number two, is a school out in Florida that's in my mom's area.
I applied to it in the summer time and remembered it when looking for schools to go to. The only bad thing about this school is I have to physically go to the school to meet the adviser so I can start taking classes. Who knew that trying to get an education to try and better yourself would be so difficult to do.

What would you do in this situation? Would you be able to stay calm until you got help? Would you keep trying to go to school even though the application process keeps messing up? Comment below and tell me your thoughts, until next time ❤

With Love & Sweetness,

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