November 06, 2015

Audio Book Recommendation: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

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 Dear Bookworms,

     Today's book I'm glad to share with you! I know I haven't done a book recommendation in a while but I was reading, like, a lot of books so it was preventing me, from actually finishing a book *valley girl voice* lol. This book, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, by Issa Rae

is one of my favorites for the month of October/November.

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     I can relate to this book because a lot of things she talks about I've been through, like having a crush on a boy who thinks your gross, or wanting to be popular but not being qualified, or maybe even feeling insecure about your hair. Her stories about her life are so vivid and colorful that if your listening to the book or actually reading, you'll burst out laughing. For this book, I actually listened to it on audible. She reads the book herself which I thought was the best idea because it gave her book a very personal touch, I also found myself talking back as if we were girlfriends on the phone with each other.

     (Spoiler Alert) A funny part in the book is when she starts talking about middle school and her curiosity about sex. She doesn't know what it is but she suspects that a boy in her class who looks a little bit older than the grade he was placed in, was a little experience because of his sexual innuendos that he made. She had so many questions, and he seemed like he had many answers. So she approached him, after there environmental class was dismissed, "Hey Remington," She started shyly. "Are you going to the dance?" He didn't miss a beat, "Not witchu!" His friends didn't even try to hide there laughter, so she tried to play it off. "No, I didn't mean that, you thought I was asking for me?" But it was too late, they already pushed passed her and left her in the room alone. (Chapter 2)

     I felt so bad for her to the point were I wanted to punch that boy in the face for her! But you know how little boys are, I would recommend this book to anyone who just graduated high school or anyone in there second year of college, young or older, this book brings back a lot of memories such as having your top eight friends on your MySpace page, or watching music videos and going to a dance party to show off your moves. I'm really proud of myself that I found this book, even though she's been around for a while and she had a YouTube channel with series of Awkward Black girl, I'm happy I stepped out of my comfort zone of romance novels.

     Issa Rae who is the main character, talks about her life growing up in the states and in Senegal. Joking about how she can't dance or the time she had her first sexual encounter -- via Internet. She talks about how she's not black enough for black people and BOY can I relate to that! Growing up being the only black girl in an all white school, I was made fun of for how I talked. "You sound so white," they use to say to me, and when I found out that I wasn't the only one -- especially when trying to accommodate others like I was at fault -- made me feel somewhat at ease. I don't want to give away this book because I really enjoyed every part of this book. Especially her experiences while living in New York, so stayed tuned, until next time ❤

With Love & Sweetness,

P.S. The next book I'll be reading, or technically listening to is Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay. The one thing that made me want to read this book is when she talked about how she shouldn't feel bad for seeming weak just so a man can do a job she doesn't want to do. So stay tuned, until next time ❤

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